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About North Rhodes Taxidermy

Here at North Rhodes Taxidermy, I have one goal, to provide my clients with the highest quality taxidermy available.  Through intense study, continued research, years of trial and error, and by using only the finest materials available, I can produce the most life-like results that my clients are sure to be happy with.

I am a graduate of The Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy (P.I.T.), which is the only full-time accredited school and one of the best Taxidermy schools in the country.  I studied all aspects of taxidermy full time for 7 ½ months.   I have had the privilege of studying under several world-class taxidermists such as Kent Stryker, Charles Henry, Dan Bantley, and Jason Snowberger; all of which have received numerous awards at state, national and even world taxidermy competitions. After having completed a total of 920 hours of intense taxidermy and business courses at P.I.T., I realized it was still just the tip of the iceberg in this industry.  I immediately joined the New England Association of Taxidermists.  They have a yearly convention and competition with world class judges and seminarians.  I also sat on the board of Directors for 6 years. I started my own shop in Connecticut immediately following my taxidermy school completion.  For the next 9-10 years, I regularly attended taxidermy conventions and competed on a professional level and did well.  But I wanted something more.  My wife and I made the decision to sell our house in Connecticut and move to Kentucky so I could take a job opportunity at Kentucky’s largest taxidermy studio.  I wanted more experience with waterfowl and African game heads and life size mounts.  We stayed in Kentucky for 2 ½ years, where I worked under one of North Americas leading bird taxidermists.  I quickly became the lead taxidermist, specializing in waterfowl and African animals, which was my goal.  I have extensive experience in large life size North American and African game, and extensive experience in form alterations for custom one-of-a-kind displays.  In my last year in Kentucky, I won state champion waterfowl taxidermist, with a “best of” category in the masters division.  I also won “best of” category in the professional division with a life size leopard.  My wife and I felt it was time to get back to our roots in New England and we have always talked about living in Maine.  My family has owned a camp in central Maine since 2001 and we always talked about raising our kids in Maine.  We have a young son and daughter and thought now was the time before they started school.  Plus we really missed our families and we missed New England and the Ocean!

We’re happy and proud to be living in Maine now and I look forward to giving my clients all over New England the best possible taxidermy available anywhere!

I offer a wide variety of services at my studio and specialize in all aspects of the trade.  I pride myself on not being a one-trick pony.  I am well versed in any trophy from around the globe.  My attention to detail, quality, and reliability speaks for itself.  I take my work seriously, as you take your hunting and trophies seriously.  I’m not a part-timer tinkering in a garage after I get home from my real job.  This IS my job and how I provide for my family.  My clients and their trophies will get the complete attention they deserve.  All hides are professionally tanned to ensure a lifetime of quality and durability.  All of my work is guaranteed for a lifetime.  No mount is too big or too small, from chipmunks to life-size mammals and anything in between.  My number one goal is customer satisfaction, and I look forward to working with you!

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