North Rhodes Taxidermy by Ryan J. Rhodes


Since I graduated from the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy in 2003, I have been a Board of Directors member for the New England Association of Taxidermists. (It is a taxidermy organization with education in mind). Every June, we have our annual convention and competition. We have world-class judges and seminarians teaching new techniques and tips on how to be better taxidermists and we hold a competition to test our new skills at all different levels. The levels are: amateur, professional, masters, and award of excellence division. The higher the level, the tougher the critiques and competition become.

My very first year, I competed (at the amateur level) and did very well! I brought five pieces and was awarded five ribbons; one third place, two second place, and two first place ribbons. I also received a best of show amateur plaque and a best of show warm water fish plaque.

In the years since then, I’ve competed professionally and at master’s level.  I’ve won “best of” category (in professional) with a large life size mammal, best large mammal, and best of show, the people’s choice award and numerous other awards.  In 2014, I won Kentucky state champion, “best of” category, (masters division) with waterfowl.  I will continue to be active in the New England association as well as the Maine taxidermy association and I hope to compete at the National and World taxidermy championships in the coming year.

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