North Rhodes Taxidermy by Ryan J. Rhodes

Pre Hunt Information
Alaskan hunters:
Arrangements can be made for your trophies in Alaska.  Either you or your outfitter can contact Alpha fur dressers for info on how to get your raw skins and  antlers/horns to their facility.  They will be prepped and tanned and then shipped on to us.

Alpha Fur Dressers
1901 West 48th
Anchorage, AK 99517
Overseas hunters:

We can supply you with pre-hunt tags for your trophies.  Two per animal, one for the hide and one for the horns.  These tags will have the hunters info, brokerage info, and our studios info. 

The Janel Group
c/o Ellen Adler
150-14 132nd avenue
Jamaica, NY 11434

The janel group main office: 1-718-527-3800 extension 1345
Ellen Adler cell phone 1-516-383-6700

She will answer any questions you may have regarding your hunt and can also help you with C.I.T.E.S. information.

From there, your trophies will be expedited to our tanning facility.  They are a USDA approved facility.

Wilderness Fur Dressing, Inc.
30 Remington Boulevard
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Phone: 631-467-1458
Fax: 631-467-1459

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