North Rhodes Taxidermy by Ryan J. Rhodes

BAYMEN has been using Ryan Rhodes for several seasons now, for our waterfowl mounts, and we are very happy with his work. Ryan knows waterfowl and he knows sea ducks. Eiders, old squaw, patch-head coots, white-wings... Ryan has created flying, standing, and swimming mounts of our birds and they are all stunning. We highly recommend him as a top taxidermist for all your waterfowl needs.

Capt. David Bitters,
BAYMEN Guide Service, Inc.
Duxbury, MA

“I met Ryan as a function of hunting with his brother, Brian Rhodes, of The Swampers guide service in Rhode Island.  I’ve been so impressed with Ryan’s work that I have been a repeat customer several times and now have a total of 10 birds mounted by him.  His artistic ability is really something to marvel at.  He captures the living essence of each bird and by doing so recreates your memories in each piece.  I often find myself staring at the redheads he did for me and then can close  my eyes and see the exact moment before I squeezed the trigger sending them down to the salty marsh in coastal Texas.  The eiders he did for me are some of his best work and I’m taken back to Rhode Island when looking at them, not only because of the birds, but because of his mastery of the landscape and habitat that they proudly sit upon. 

So if you’re seeking “a bird mount”, then just get anybody you’d like, but if a true piece of  artwork and a lasting memory is what you desire then you are best to take the North Rhode and complete the pursuit of your hard earned trophies in a mount that you will be proud to display and look upon fondly.”

~Dr. Chris Hancock, Paducah, Kentucky
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